Saturday, March 21, 2009

This past week has been a super intense rollercoaster ride. That said, I know why people like those damn things.
Klessa recorded 7 songs at Matt Gordon's parents house monday-thursday. I am super pumped about how they turned out (or are going to), though I was often far too moody for my own good. There were a couple times where I could not adequately do what I know I am capable of, so it blew any confidence I had out the window. Anyway, at the time it felt like everything I have been focusing on lately was useless, and it made trying to be assertive and confident that much harder.
We played a show last night with Matt Hall, Chris, and Meredith and it was fucking incredible. Seeing all of them play filled my heart up to the brim with happiness. Klessa played really well, probably the best we ever have in New Paltz. Several people came that I did not know. Afterwards some people stuck around and we played village. Overall, an excellent evening that forced me to be friendly and interact with new people. The point of all of this is that I felt really good being able to show people a good time in this town (which is absolute magic by the way) and I didn't feel like an awkward mess the entire time.

Today we did tons of yard work type things. We planned pathways for the garden and built a compost bin. It was frustrating for me because there were times where I was not able to do the things I wanted (ie: hammer nails effectively and efficiently) but I believe that I helped and it is better off because of my input.

I feel really good about things. It is officially spring and that is nothing but good. I am going to stay positive, smile at people because I mean it, and try to be as accomodating and helpful as I can whenever possible.

I am fucking pumped for gardening.

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