Sunday, August 30, 2009

i have been in rochester for roughly two weeks.
it is really strange but i am and have been quite comfortable here.
i am excited to get back to new paltz though. i am super pumped about working a ton, planning the rest of stay true paltz, and trying to do things that seem like they are worth the time it takes to do them.
mostly i miss all of the hugs.

i just finished reading the secret life of bees, which only took me two days, a wonderful porch, and the great lake ontario. i dont know if i should or not, but i absolutely loved that book.

i think about land too much, wanting to have it, and a house to call my own (not my own per say, but a permanent residence i can share with people i love!). this might make me some kind of schmuck, but this is the only thing in my life thus far that has motivated me to actually want to make real money. i dont know. its really a shame i am not qualified to do anything where i can earn a real income.

i am leaving soon. i should pack.