Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I have been a little bit of a stressed out monster lately.
The past week or so has not been so bad but still, I worry.
I have started eating more, taking flax oil daily, and thinking more about nutrition. The only thing I need now is to actually get some exercise in order to work off some stress.
I constantly worry about what living in Rochester will be like and if I will manage to ruin things between Nick and I before I can get my shit together. I am scared.
I started keeping track of all of my feelings about moving. I want to make it into a zine when I finally discover how this whole thing ends up (ie: great or miserable).

The other day a bunch of us went to go look at land in Callicoon and it made me excited but terrified about where my life may one day end up. I want land and fresh air and wood stoves and people that I love around me all the time but it is sometimes hard to picture. To be honest, any kind of comfortable, normal, happy situation is a little hard to picture right now.

Lately I work myself up too easily. I need to cut it out.

If you have any extra positive energy--throw it my way, please?