Saturday, January 16, 2010

i am moving to rochester. i will be living there in march.
this idea scares me beyond belief but it will be okay, right?
thinking about goodbyes makes me feel ill.
thinking about seeing my parents every day for awhile makes me feel good.
thinking about spending real time with nick feels unreasonably great.
i feel a little guilty about it even.
for the first time in my life i am going to attempt a real, normal relationship where i get to see the person on a [quite possibly] daily basis. i cant tell you what a weird feeling that is...
and yet i am still scared and unsure how i will be able to physically move my flesh/bones/blood away from new paltz. it may be humanly impossible. we'll see.

kate and i went running today. i want to keep doing that. it felt unbelievably good. i am super out of shape and dont want to feel bad about that anymore. i dont care about my weight but i do care about my heart.

nyc tomorrow. ucb. vegan food. bon. i think it will be good for me.
(note: yes. i think nyc will be good for me for once. am i ok?)