Sunday, March 15, 2009

kate and i finally installed a toilet paper holder in our wall of the bathroom. no more placing toilet paper on the back of the seat or any of that garbage. it always feels really nice to do home improvement projects and to prove the capacity to do so (at least eventually..).

klessa recording starts tomorrow. we are going to matt gordon's house to do it and it will be nice to be away and have to space and time to concentrate on it. i have not been so excited about something in a long time. we have been a band for far too long to not have any real recordings. in a week, that will all be different.

i went to simon's permaculture class last night to hear ken greene talk about seed saving and the seed library. it made me feel super pumped about him and want to get to know him and the folks he is working with.
this leads to another topic.
wanting to connect with more people.
i finally figured out that it is not more friends i am looking for, but more connections with the people around me. i want to be able to learn things from others, have things to offer them in return, and really be part of a community. this obviously poses a problem because i struggle to make eye contact with people and stare at the ground when i walk around town, but i want to try harder. people around me are really good at this. i think it will just take a little concious effort. perhaps reaching out to ken will help me kick start this.

there are so many things i want to change about how i am. its hard to keep them all in check all the time and to follow through. being aware of the problems is not enough. actionactionaction.

ironically this is how i feel both about the world and myself, and i fall short in taking action on both.

on a totally different topic, dasha and claire danes were 80 miles away from me today and i did not see them. getting to nyc is way too GD expensive. i kind of hate myself for not going, even though i know it was the responsible thing to do.


  1. yo dude,

    obviously it would have been cool to see you, but we got in and out of the city pretty quickly. it would have been ridiculous for you to go through the hassle of getting there only to hang out for like an hour or two, before we left.

    anyways, i'll seeya next time you're in town!

    - nick

  2. hey love,
    I completely agree with Nick. We really weren't in New York for too long of a time, and when we were, we were all scattered around for parts of it. Tommy and I talked about how we miss you and it would have been great to see you, but it's totally understandable.

    I really like reading your thoughts by the way. By 'like' I don't necessarily mean "enjoy" (because you often talk about serious things) but just knowing how you're feeling, and what you're doing miles and miles away from me.