Monday, September 7, 2009

I have been sneezing pretty much non stop for a month and am finally at my breaking point.
I dont know what to do though!
My whole face itches so bad and I have been waking myself up at night scratching my throat with "the noise". I have been doing it so much that my throat feels raw. great.
Also, I woke up with bags under my eyes this morning.

I am only working four days this week instead of seven and I am hoping that will help.

Stay True (trios!) Paltz is on Saturday and I am a worry-wart about it but I think it will be fun. Mostly, I am just excited to get to hang out with people I dont normally see. It may help me from losing my cool.
...we'll see.

Maybe I am allergic to myself? This could explain things?
If anyone has any ideas let me know. The important part of this whole thing is that I have had these sneeze allergies not only in new paltz, but ohio and rochester as well, so its hard for me to understand what the fuck is up.

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