Thursday, June 25, 2009

lists of late

-i have been feeling really sad for other people lately.
-i cant get enough of space (the final frontier kind).
-i am going to be spending a few days in rochester early next week and am excited about that.
-i want to watch every humphrey bogart movie in existence, but probably wont even get close.
-i often feel like i am living some kind of dream that i dont know how to interpret.
-i think about money too much.
-i dont want to be drinking as much.
-i want to be swimming more.
-i never want to set up another show, ever again (but i will)
-i want to own land, and a house, and as little stuff i dont need as possible.
-i really want to hug certain people.
-i need to write marena a letter.
-and i need to not be inside right now.

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